Jupiter in Capricorn

I love Jupiter. It’s my favorite planet. Maybe as an astrologer I should try to be more neutral about these things but the truth is….I just love Jupiter. Jupiter is big and bold and give us hope. Jupiter is the energy behind inspiration. Take a moment to remember how you felt the last time you … More Jupiter in Capricorn

Reiki and Breathwork

A lot of people ask me, “How do you combine Reiki with Breathwork?”  Well, to start, let’s look at the word reiki itself.  And then, we will consider how I combine it with breathwork. The word reiki combines two Japanese kanji- Rei, which means “Spiritual Wisdom or Divinely Guided or From Heaven” and Ki- which … More Reiki and Breathwork

What is contentment?

What is contentment? What does contentment feel like in my body? …in my heart? What words fill my mind when I’m feeling content? Where does contentment come from? And…How do I combine it with my everyday activities? These are the questions I’ve been resonating with lately and taking into my reiki journeys. We live in … More What is contentment?

Jupiter Square Neptune- The Third and Final Square of 2019

1st Square- January 13, 2019 2nd Square- June 16, 2019 3rd Square- September 21, 2019 There has been an interesting debate happening between Jupiter and Neptune since the beginning of 2019. With Jupiter moving through its home sign of Sagittarius and Neptune moving through its home sign of Pisces, both planets are in an ideal … More Jupiter Square Neptune- The Third and Final Square of 2019