A Triple Conjunction: Letting Go to Begin Anew

A Triple Conjunction in Libra: Letting Go and Beginning Anew Today October 8, and tomorrow October 9, we have a triple conjunction happening between Mercury (which is currently retrograde), the Sun and Mars at 15 and 16 degrees of Libra.  This triple conjunction caught my eye several weeks ago because I knew it was rare … More A Triple Conjunction: Letting Go to Begin Anew

Venus Enters Pisces

This is the perfect medicine for this moment. I step off of the bridge of light and find myself on a sunlit path. The white wolf is in front of me making sure I am following her, and a hummingbird flutters beside my shoulder. I can sense Jesus and Mother Mary behind me. They guide … More Venus Enters Pisces

Eclipse Season: Riding the Dragon

In ancient times, eclipses were thought to come in the form of a dragon that swallowed the sun, evoking a mixture of fear, reverence and awe. The head of the dragon is called Rahu and the tail of the dragon is called Setu. Rahu takes us into the material and mundane parts of the world. Setu releases us out of the physical world and into the world of spirit. … More Eclipse Season: Riding the Dragon