This Full Moon is Everything to Me


I love astrology.  I really do.  I’ve seen so many articles posted about today’s Full Moon in Aries and they are all chock full of good advice and valuable information describing the energies at play.  But my favorite thing to do is to see how it moves through my life…..and this full moon is everything to me.  Today is my oldest daughter’s 15th birthday.  We are celebrating her today with a sushi lunch and then an outing to the nation’s top-rated haunted house, Field of Screams.  I’m looking forward to the sushi.

My life as a mother is all about the Libra-Aries polarity.  I have two beautiful daughters.  One is a Libra.  One is an Aries.  They are polar opposites and they both shine so bright.  Grace, my Aries rushes forward into life with confidence and self-assuredness sometimes without much consideration of the impact it has on others…and yet, it is so fun to watch the adventure of her that I don’t even mind.  And then there is my Libra, Bella who is always considering others.  She has a masterful way of relating to people that allows them to quickly feel comfortable in her presence and she makes it look so effortless.  I watch her with a certain awe and often think to myself how lucky the people she shares her life with really are.  She is a great kid.  They both are and I love being their mom.

This full moon feels like such a big culmination in my life.  Today marks the day that I was initiated into motherhood 15 years ago.  It was not an easy initiation.  It was one of the most beautiful days in my life and one of the hardest.  Today is easier…much easier, however, it is also comes with its fair share of challenges.  The map of the sky is full of oppositions and heavy squares…and it feels intense.  I feel pulled between being a mom (Cancer) and building my business (Capricorn).  I feel pulled between Grace, who wants to go her own way (Aries) and Bella, who wants to go a different way but will go along just to keep the peace (Libra).  This current Libra cycle is exhibiting the residual energies of the eclipses in Cancer and Capricorn that happened over the summer, and really….all the way back to July 2018.  There are themes building over time.  Themes around feeling fulfilled while also being a provider.  Themes around motherhood, nurturing, and guiding adolescent girls into womanhood.   Themes around independence and partnership.  And to be honest, it feels like we are at a choice point.  A place where the next step is crucial.  When things get like this I often ask myself,

  • “What is the healthiest expression of this particular energy?”
  • “What am I going to do with it?”
  • “What is the best thing that could happen?”

These themes have been building for me over time.  For example, in just looking over the last moon cycle- the previous full moon in Pisces (September 14) I was attending a Family Constellations Workshop and Bella was a big part of the healing I experienced that day.  Then on the New Moon in Libra (September 28), I hosted a New Moon Reiki Ceremony in which Bella attended for the first time.  And now, here we are at the Aries Full Moon which happens to be Bella’s 15th birthday.  I can see how each successive new moon and full moon are building upon each other and I’m excited to continue with the ceremonies as a way of honoring the Divine Feminine and The Divine Mother within me.

There is also the bigger picture that has been building since her birth in 2004 and the major themes I see showing up in her life.  Themes that also show up in her birth chart.  Astrology is a trip.  It really is.  A journey, a road map….a set of instructions, if you like, on how to live your best life or at least recognize the road markers along the way.  It really helps me in parenting my daughters.   Fifteen is a really challenging year (remember what 15 was like for you?)… and it is such an honor to be charged with helping this beautiful soul navigate it.  As she approaches her Saturn opposition, I’m watching and observing with a certain awe and wisdom that hopefully helps guide the process into those healthy expressions.

A quick blog, sushi lunch in Fells Point and Field of Screams for the finale feels likes a great way to celebrate today. Happy Birthday Bella! I love you!  It is such an honor to walk beside you in this journey.  Here’s to honoring the Full Moon of Your Life, Your Beauty and Your Light!  May the Power of the Divine Feminine Shine within you Forever.

(My daughter Bella on her 15th Birthday.  Sun- Libra, Moon- Libra, Ascendant- Leo)


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