5 Ways to Integrate Reiki and Astrology

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Five Practical Applications for Integrating the Practice of Reiki with Astrology

1.)  Sit in reiki meditation and contemplate the information that your birth chart provides.  Knowing where the planets reside- in which sign and in which house will help you to understand the gifts and the challenges that each planet holds.  Your birth chart is a living, breathing being- it is you. It lives through you, it breathes through you, it guides you and informs you in ways that are both realized and unrealized.  Part of the gift of the study of astrology is the epiphanies that occur in studying astrology that allow you to establish a deeper relationship with the planets- and yourself.

2.) Study the aspects of your birth chart.  The aspects are the way in which the planets relate to each other.  You might even consider it a conversation between the planets.  For example, if the Sun trines Venus there is a flowing, harmonious connection between the two planets.  If they are squaring each other, the conversation between them is a little more tense, and they have to figure out how to find solutions to this tension.  These aspects will oftentimes create geometrical designs within the chart (trines, squares, oppositions).  In reiki meditation, visualize the geometry of your birth chart and imagine reiki flowing through those geometric designs.  Or in everyday life circumstances, when a particular aspect is presenting itself, let Reiki flow into the moment and your awareness around what is happening.  This changes our habit energy around certain triggers and stimuli.  Please remember that a challenging aspect in a chart is not an excuse for giving up, playing the victim or aggressor, or just plain old, bad behavior…especially if one is aware of it.  Reiki helps.  An empowering aspect of your chart can also be fortified and amplified with Reiki energy.

3.) Every year about a month before your birthday, have an annual Profections reading to find out your Profected house and Time Lord.  The Profections technique will provide the theme of the year and tell you what area of your life is central to your growth.  This technique is really helpful because it highlights one area of life to focus on.  Intentional goal setting takes on a heightened level of clarity and you can send reiki to your goals for the year with a new level of confidence that you are paying attention to the right thing.

4.) Every few months take the time to have a Transits Reading with a professional astrologer.  Make a list of dates that are significant.  Send reiki to those dates.  This is by far one of the most precise and powerful ways to integrate reiki and astrology.  For example, if you know that Jupiter is transiting your natal Venus, you may plan to launch a new product with the hopes of high profits.  Having these dates in advance and sending Reiki ahead in time to them really expands the potential of the transit. Reiki can also help with ensuring that the details of the project come into form smoothly.

5.) Combine Reiki Journeys with astrology.  I offer New Moon Reiki Journeys every month on the new moon.  This is one of my favorite parts of my business.  I started this monthly gathering to honor the new moon back in June of 2019 and the format was really quite different at that time.  It was September 2019 with the new moon in Libra that I channeled the first New Moon Reiki Journey.  I have offered a New Moon Reiki Journey every month since.  Each one is unique in that the energy of the astrological sign comes into the journey, and yet, they are all the same in that we journey to the same place in the cosmos each time.  We always go the the place where the sun and the moon meet.  This has been another really amazing way in which reiki and astrology have integrated in my practice.

If you continue to study astrology, you will be able to see the energy of the planets unfolding in your life.  I know for me that I have been going through a challenging experience with my teenage daughter, and I am aware of the astrology behind the challenge.  While I send Reiki to the situation at large, I will oftentimes hear myself saying, “Well…her Saturn is here until such and such a date,” and while I feel like that is helpful information to have, it doesn’t help me feel any better.  Reiki helps me feel better.  There are times when I feel a certain amount of powerlessness to the planets, and to be honest, that’s not where I want to hang out.  I think its important for me to recognize this dynamic within my own thinking…but its also important for me to move beyond that way of thinking.  Reiki helps me move beyond it.

I love astrology and I find the information I receive from it invaluable.  I wouldn’t want to live my life without it.  I see some people refuse the information of astrology simply because they “don’t want to know”.   I want to know.  However, I also want to have the tools to deal with knowing.  And partnering astrology with Reiki has made all of the difference.  It helps me work with the information in an honest, yet empowering way.

I’m a professional astrologer and Holy Fire III Reiki Master.  Please feel free to reach out to me if you would like to take a look at your birth chart and how we can combine the information we gather from astrology with the healing and empowerment that Reiki provides.

2 thoughts on “5 Ways to Integrate Reiki and Astrology

  1. I listened to your Podcast episode with Colleen and Robyn on Reiki Lifestyle. 🙂

    I have been an avid student of astrology since 2010, it is an addiction! A few months ago I received my Reiki Master training and I love your tips for infusing Reiki into astrology. Thank you for sharing them! ❤


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