What is a Reiki Journey?


A reiki journey is an advanced reiki technique that involves entering a deep meditative state in order to connect with your authentic self and higher states of consciousness.  The journey is oftentimes an extra sensory experience (meaning beyond the 5 senses) that happens inside of the imagination and/or intuition.

In the Fall 2018 Reiki News Magazine article, “Reiki for Spiritual Guidance”, by Colleen and Robyn Benelli, the journey state is defined as “when a person enters an altered state of consciousness to connect with other spiritual dimensions and spiritual guides. The common intention of a journey is to obtain spiritual guidance, information, healing and empowerment from a higher source of consciousness.”

I use reiki journeys both when working with clients and when approaching situations in my own life around which I need help or I’m hoping to gain more clarity.  Here are the practical steps one takes in order to properly enter the reiki journey experience.

The Steps of a Reiki Journey:

  1. What is your intention?

First of all, you have to be clear about why you are going into the journey state, and what information you hope to receive while there.  During my client work, I will ask the client two questions- what do you want to release in the session and what do you want to call in.  This entry into the session almost always provides a clear intention.

Or- What is your question? 

Sometimes during my personal journeys, I will actually ask things like, “What is it that I most need to know right now?”, “What is the one thing I can do that will make everything else easier?”, or “What is the next step for me?”  The questions become the intention through which I enter.

2. Create sacred space through prayer/invocation. Activate the reiki symbols.

It’s important to create sacred space that will connect you to the highest spiritual realms of love and enlightenment before you enter the journey state.  This can be done through a simple prayer or a longer invocation that calls in spiritual guides and ascended masters.  This central prayer also activates the reiki symbols as the main pathway for connection to the higher states of consciousness within you.

3. Activate HSZSN, the distance symbol.

HSZSN is the symbol used to create a bridge of light or pathway into an enlightened realm of light and Source.  This is a light that is within you and it may also feel as if you travel towards it.   Sometimes the journey may also appear as a colorful tunnel through which you are traveling.  Everyone has different experiences.  These are just a few of mine.  It is important to remember though that everything that you are experiencing is happening within your own consciousness.

During my client sessions, I will actually begin with a brief guided meditation through a forest or around a lake in order to familiarize the client with the way their imagination works.  Once we have entered into the internal experience, we then cross over the bridge of light from there.

4. Observe what you are being shown.

The journey happens inside of the imagination and intuition, therefore, awareness could come in the form of images, colors, sounds or sensations.  It could come as a flash of insight in which you suddenly understand something in a completely new way.  It could come in sounds or messages that are auditory.  Trust your intuition.  The more you practice this, the easier it becomes.

5. The journey includes a healing and an empowerment.

In the journeys that I’ve experienced, each one includes a healing and an empowerment.  Usually the healing has something to do with the first part of the client’s intention, which is what they are releasing or clearing away.  And the empowerment has something to do with what they are calling into themselves.

6. Return by the same path.  Record thoughts, insights, and impressions in a journal.

Once the session feels complete, you then return along the same path you took to begin the journey.  In my client sessions, this involves me actually taking the client back through the steps of the guided meditation but in reverse order. Once they’ve fully returned to the room, we share thoughts, insights, and experiences with each other, or if you’ve done the journey privately, spend some time journaling.

I’ve been studying and using Reiki Journey Techniques for a little over a year now and they have been a total game changer for me.  I encourage each of you who has a genuine interest in furthering your reiki development to find a sincere, professional reiki practitioner and teacher to guide you in this technique.  This technique is very powerful and must be held with humble reverence for its potential power.

If you would like to know more, please don’t hesitate to email me at ally@starsongreiki.com.  If you would like to experience a reiki journey through a session with me, please email me.  Let’s talk about it.  Journeys can be done both in person and from a distance.

In the meantime, Reiki On…

Many Blessings,


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