The Astrology of Hard Times

I’ve known for months that the month of March 2020 was going to be particularly trying time, especially this week, March 16-23. I wasn’t sure exactly how the energy would manifest, but I can remember looking at the astrological line-up and thinking, “This is going to be big and difficult.”

A man finds shelter to wait out the storm.

Being an astrologer is an interesting job sometimes. I am a relatively positive and optimistic person, and I prefer to language things in a positive light with the intention that I am planting good seeds in the hearts and minds of my clients. However, I am also aware that I don’t want to tell half-truths. I feel a certain amount of responsibility; even if what I have to share is hard to hear. This is one of those times. We have a planetary line up this week that will be extremely challenging. I’m not saying that we aren’t going to eventually come out of this…but this is definitely a time to pull back, have constraint and withdrawal into the safety of our homes. From what I’m seeing, while things will improve in a few weeks/months, there is also a lingering quality to the current energies.

So…who are the major players? And what is the timeline?

Mars and Saturn

The two most significant players that are establishing the tone and pace of recent events are Mars and Saturn. Saturn brings limitation and boundaries. Mars brings swift action for survival. As countries around the globe rush to establish varying degrees of travel bans, community quarantines and social distancing; we can feel the combined energies of Mars and Saturn in Capricorn. “Social distancing” is a very Saturnian concept, while Mars is providing quick, decisive initiatives to go to battle against the even quicker spread of disease.

On Saturday, March 21, Saturn will move into Aquarius and we will more than likely continue to experience restrictions, boundaries, and limitations in large group gatherings and air travel. This energy will more than likely peak on March 31, when Mars joins Saturn at 0° Aquarius. After March 31, as Mars continues to move further away from Saturn, it is possible that things will slowly begin to unwind from the highest point of restriction. Because Mars and Saturn will be traveling through the same signs for close to 12 weeks, there is a prolonged period of their combined energies affecting all of us. (Mars and Saturn both in Capricorn from February 16-March 30, both in Aquarius from March 30 to May 15). By mid-May we could start to experience the unwinding of the current contraction we are all experiencing. On May 15, Mars will enter Pisces and there could be a significant shift in tone and pace of the current spread of the virus and the limitations we are all experiencing. However, I don’t think this will disappear entirely.

My Reason For Thinking This is Going to Linger- Pluto

I would also add in Pluto as a major player. Pluto moves very slowly and brings with him a ruthless intensity that enters shadows in order to tear down and rebuild. A lot of what we are feeling is the residual energy of the Pluto-Saturn conjunction of January 12. This is an experience that will have a generational impact on all of us.

Another Reason I Think This is Going to Linger

Mars will be in Aries from June 27 2020 – January 6 2021. This is a very long transit for Mars to be in one sign. Aries is a Cardinal sign creating a natural tension with the outer planets in Capricorn. During this time, Mars will come into several hard squares with Pluto, and I honestly think each time that happens, it will kick up a reverberation of the current energies.

Sabian Symbol for 29 Capricorn

With Saturn sitting at 29-degrees of Capricorn, I couldn’t help but remember a recent webinar I gave in which I talked about the Sabian symbol for that degree. The symbol here is “A Secret Meeting of Men Responsible for Executive Decisions in World Affairs” and it feels very appropriate for the times we are living through. While I wish it was a Secret Meeting of Women…its not. More importantly, there are very serious meetings happening right now among world leaders to make sweeping changes in an attempt to curb the outbreak of coronavirus.

A quick list of dates to consider for Mars, Pluto and Saturn:

  • March 21- Saturn into Aquarius 0°
  • March 30- Mars into Aquarius 0°
  • March 31- Mars conjunct Saturn in Aquarius (the peak of restrictions)
  • April 24- Pluto retrogrades- relief begins
  • May 11- Saturn retrogrades
  • May 15- Mars enters Pisces- even further relaxation of boundaries
  • June 28- Mars enters Aries until Jan 6 2021
  • Sept 10- Mars retrogrades at 28 Aries
  • Sept 28- Saturn stations direct 25 Cap
  • Oct 4- Pluto stations direct 22 Cap
  • Nov 14- Mars stations direct at 15 Aries
  • December 22- Jupiter and Saturn conjunct in Aquarius at 0°

Let’s Take a Closer Look at this Week

Moon in Capricorn– From Monday March 16-18, the Moon transits through the sign of Capricorn bringing with it a very serious, pragmatic tone. As the Moon shifts into this sign it brings with it a resurgence of the energetic signature found inside of the eclipse dating back to January 10. The Moon here adds a certain amount of emotional intensity (Pluto) mixed with big (Jupiter) survival mode actions (Mars).

4° Capricorn, Aries, Cancer (and Taurus)– We have four significant celestial bodies at the 4th degree. South Node in Capricorn, North Node in Cancer, Chiron in Aries and Uranus in Taurus. This is significant because tight aspects are always more impactful, and on December 26, we experienced a new moon eclipse at 4° Capricorn. A timeline of the Coronavirus outbreak in China indicates the end of December as a time that first efforts to identify the virus and report the initial outbreak were happening. From March 2-19, we have been experiencing a T-square at this degree between the Nodes and Chiron. This particular energy indicates a time of shedding business structures (South Node in Capricorn) while the North Node in Cancer encourages us to move towards finding comfort and nourishment at home with family. Chiron in Aries presents us with a certain helplessness in being able to heal a wound, and Uranus is also at 4° this week, adding in his own flavor of chaos and disruption to the material world of Taurus. While I am not trying to spread fear, I am being honest and just repeating what is already being felt around the world. The best action is to stay home and enjoy food and family. Move towards the North Node of Cancer. It is the remedy for the situation.

20°- 24° Capricorn– Astrologers have had their eyes on these particular degrees of Capricorn for months, if not years. They will be touched and re-touched over the coming weeks and months as the outer planets (Pluto and Jupiter specifically) pass over them and then retrograde and then pass over them again.

Here are some specific astrological dates to consider: (notice the repeating degrees)

  • January 10- Full Moon Eclipse- 20° Cancer/Capricorn
  • January 12- Saturn Pluto Conjunction- 22° Capricorn
  • March 16- Mars will be at 20° Capricorn
  • March 18- Moon conjunct Pluto at 24° Capricorn
  • March 20- Mars conjunct Jupiter at 22° Capricorn
  • March 23- Mars conjunct Pluto at 24° Capricorn
  • April 4- Jupiter conjunct Pluto at 24° Capricorn
  • April 24- Pluto stations retrograde at 24° Capricorn
  • June 30- Jupiter conjunct Pluto at 24° Capricorn (both retrograde)
  • October 4- Pluto stations direct at 22° Capricorn
  • November 12- Jupiter conjunct Pluto at 22° Capricorn

These particular degrees are loaded with transformative energy, and we are witnessing how these changes are manifesting. Every time one of these degrees are touched over the coming months there could be reverberations of these energies through our experiences.

Again, I can not stress enough that the remedy lies inside of the North Node in Cancer. The North Node always represents the direction in which we want to move, it is what we are aiming for….a movement toward something. With it being in the sign of Cancer, this is a time for deep nourishment with family and those you care for most. Find time for self care and retreat into the practices that make you feel most nurtured. This can be an opportunity to reset priorities and create something new for the future. Rest up. Be well.

Many Blessings,


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