Venus Enters Pisces

Path into the Garden of Forgiveness

This is the perfect medicine for this moment.

I step off of the bridge of light and find myself on a sunlit path. The white wolf is in front of me making sure I am following her, and a hummingbird flutters beside my shoulder. I can sense Jesus and Mother Mary behind me. They guide me to a beautiful garden, lush with colorful aromas and blossoming scents. I sit down on the bench with Mother Mary and I understand that I am in the Garden of Forgiveness.

I see my worries for my children in front of me. I see the troubles and the struggles in my mind as a dark foggy cloud, and I see my heart within me. There are cracks of frustration, fear and worry, cracks that seemed to burrow deep into me over this long, hard winter. Mary touches my mind and the fog lifts, replaced by a light. Mary touches my heart and I take a deep breath of release and surrender. My shoulders relax away from my ears, and my body lets go of the tension.

I ask, “Who am I here to forgive?”

She says, “Yourself, your child…and the hard circumstances.”

I say, “I just don’t want it to be this way anymore.”

She says, “Love it the way it is, and if you can’t, I will. You can always hand it over to me.”

I begin to cry as she holds me in her embrace. The worries on my heart are being lifted up and carried away on the songs of the angels, and everything begins to change.

I am now being shown possible futures. Futures of hope and accomplishment. Possibilities of a beautiful life lived. For myself, for my children, for those who come after. I am shown their beauty expressed and their voices heard. I am shown their hearts filled with light, and their bodies strong and healthy. I am shown the light of their smiles when they feel a sense of pride in themselves, a sense of contribution and belonging in the world. I see a life where their authentic gifts are welcomed, and their unique talents are developed. They are able to do the things they enjoy.

The message sinks into my heart and the cracks have filled with light. I am full of hope. I am full of love. I am full of light.

The scene shifts and I am looking at the beautiful garden around me. The hummingbird appears at my shoulder again, and I am reminded that today is the day that Venus enters Pisces. “Yes,” I think to myself, “this makes so much sense now.”

Venus is a planet of connection and relationship. It is a planet of beauty and pleasure. It is a planet of creativity and expression. This is the place where we find common ground with other people. This is where we share the things we like with others, things we have in common with others, things that give us a sense of belonging and acceptance.

When Venus enters the soft, watery sign of Pisces, we find compassion and kindness in how we relate to one another. We find a pathway to themes of unity and wholeness. The hard boundaries that Saturn has taken so much time to establish, some of which may have encased our hearts, dissolve inside this soft, etheric energy.

With Venus in Pisces, the boundaries melt. This is a beautiful planet-sign combination for artists, creators, lovers, and poets. Romance might blossom, and companionship might be easier during this time. One might make art for the sheer pleasure of it. Strained relationships might find a safe space in which to begin healing. Meditation and prayer time might be like sweet nectar for the soul. Allow yourself to receive this goodness, and offer gratitude for the beauty and connections that do show up in your life. Rest here after a long, hard winter and soak in the love. To me, this feels like deep medicine for the Saturn dynamic that has been really dominating the sky over this past year.

The Pisces archetype is sometimes seen as a remedy to the Aquarian energy which comes just before it in the zodiacal order. Aquarius is sometimes known for holding true to a strict moral compass. It can sometimes be emotionally aloof and overly rational, perhaps residing more in the intellect than in the heart. With so much of that in the sky recently, the heart-centered Venus in Pisces vibe has come along to say, “Its all good. Let’s connect. We can throw the rules and structure aside for a bit, and just be messy and whimsical and play together. We can do what we enjoy together. We can let fantasy grow inside of our imaginations, and let kindness and compassion rule the day. This is the time for that. Let’s just relax and enjoy ourselves and each other for now. ”

Venus will be in Pisces beginning today February 25, 2021 (8:13 AM EST)* through March 21, 2021. This is definitely one of the astrological highlights of the year. The new moon that will take place on March 13, 2021 will be especially beautiful, and have an otherworldly quality to it, when Venus joins Neptune while the Moon joins the Sun. This time of new beginnings and renewal will be especially potent for planting seeds of hope, inspiration and joyful creation. I offer a New Moon Circle each month for Reiki Masters that combines the study of astrology with a Reiki Journey. This is a closed group, however, I will be opening the doors for new members to join in May. If you are interested, please let me know.

If you would like to see how this Venus transit influences your own chart, and perhaps brainstorm some great ways to make the most of this time, please feel free to reach out to me for an Astrology Consultation. If you have never had your chart read, please schedule a Birth Chart Reading to start. However, if you are familiar with your chart and have had a reading with me before, consider coming back on a regular basis for continued astrological advice. I’m always here for you to talk about ways to make the most of the movement of the planets and how it illuminates your personal astrology.

The next big astrological highlight also includes the sign of Pisces when Jupiter enters Pisces on May 13, 2021 for a short visit (until July 28) before it retrogrades back into Aquarius for the remainder of 2021. This will be the first time since December 2019 that Jupiter will be in a sign that is not ruled by Saturn. Jupiter is actually the traditional ruler of Pisces, so this is like a homecoming for him after a long, hard journey. This definitely feels like something to celebrate! But that is for another blog, another day.

In the meantime, enjoy this beautiful Venus in Pisces transit.

Make love! Make friends! Make art!



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