Astrology for Healing and Awareness

Note to Readers: I recently returned to some of my writings from the first year of my astrology training, and re-read a few of my homework assignments. This one really stood out. It is a book report on the book, Cosmos and Psyche by Dr. Richard Tarnas. It was fascinating to be reading a book on astrology, transits and an archetypal world view in the midst of the 2020 pandemic. I decided to turn this homework response into a blog and share it with all of you. My language might be a little more academic in nature due to responding to the course material, however, there are some real gems in here. I hope you enjoy it! – Ally

As one studies the archetypal themes of the planets and their movements through space and time, inner awareness grows in rhythm with outer experience, and one begins to understand in real time how these energies present themselves in everyday life. In many ways, astrology invites you to become a holy witness to your own divine nature and a conscious participant in the path unfolding before you. The connection between Heaven and Earth expressed through the individual grows and provides a pathway for awareness building and deeper understanding, or perhaps even better stated as an inner-standing.  The study of archetypal potentials matched with the direct observation of how those potentials manifest within one’s life create an experience of alignment between inner and outer forces that is deeply transformative and profoundly empowering.  With the birth chart as an anchor of sorts, a central axis around which everything spins, the path ahead, the path behind, above, below and within, is clear.  Where there once may have been a lack of direction and guidance, one now has a more clear sense of self and a map for the terrain.  From this viewpoint, the journey begins from a place of clarity and informed choice-making, and with this revelatory information, there comes a renewed sense of purpose and personal significance.  Formed from archetypal themes and patterns that transcend gender, race, heritage and culture, the map we are given to discern the ever-changing astrological environment, invites us into a deeper relationship with ourselves, each other, Nature and the Divine.

This invitation into a deeper relationship with the cosmos is profoundly healing for the parts of us that have felt splintered, alienated or rejected from our own Wholeness.  The archetypal astrological worldview shifts perceptions and the belief system from one in which the Universe is disconnected from the human experience to one that suggests there is an invisible ordering principle inside of everything. Even us. How could one ever feel disconnected from the Universe when we are made up of the Universe? This union, this partnership, and the empowerment to choose our direction inside of this partnership, is a profoundly different world view than one founded in a sense of separation and dominion.   Where estrangement and disconnect may have resided before, there is now a deeply soul-nourishing partnership of “as above, so below”.  This union of Heaven and Earth within each of us invites us into an experience where we are made up of the Cosmos, as is the world around us, and that the individual journey and the world events unfolding through time, are a direct reflection of how these invisible forces move through Life.

“Whatever is born or done at this particular moment of time has the quality of this moment of time.”

-Carl Jung

When using astrology as a practice for healing, there are three primary areas of focus:

  • The natal chart- a geometric blueprint of the planetary positions at the time of a person’s birth.  This provides insight into the potential themes, archetypes and events inside of the individual journey, as well as a look into an individual’s psycho-spiritual behaviors and tendencies.
  • Personal transits- As the planets orbit, they continue to make connections and geometric alignments to the original position of the planets in the natal chart.  These transits correspond to unfolding events within the person’s life, and those unfolding events are a reflection of the archetypal energies of the planets involved.
  • World transits- The positions of the planets in relation to the Earth at any given time.  These larger world transits show the correlation between the archetypal energies of the planets and the world events that are unfolding.  This focuses more on collective energies, patterns and events in world history.

When we are really looking, really paying attention to the movement of the planets through the Heavens, while also having some awareness of how those planets are touching each other, and us through our own birth charts, the lived experience…the actually unfolding of life within us and around us…is undeniable.  Once one acquires the language and the lens through which to look, the correlation is clear, honest and reliable. 

As Jung says, “Whatever is born or done at this particular moment of time has the quality of this moment of time.”  I honestly believe that every moment is a gift and to have a human life is an exceptionally rare gift…to be given a mind that can relate to this reflection of planetary energies, to be given the power to choose how we interact with them, either consciously or unconsciously.  We may be aware…we may not be aware. However, our awareness is not required.  It still happens. These invisible motivating forces still move through us, through time.  And then when awareness comes, it is as if a light is lit within us- a light of recognition, a Holy (or wholly) “Yes…I see now. It makes so much sense,” emerges, and we feel seen and we feel understood in a way that is deeply acknowledging, deeply validating and deeply healing. 

To talk with me more about your birth chart and how you personally might use the knowledge of your birth chart, personal transits and world transits for the purpose of healing, awareness and growth, visit my website at Blessings- Ally

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