Venus Retrograde in Capricorn 2021-22

The Journey of Venus

Each planet in the sky holds a specific quality of archetypal energy.  Each planet also moves at a particular pace and in a particular pattern as it orbits around the Sun. Venus’ pattern in the sky is one of the oldest recorded astronomical patterns, and when tracked it creates a pattern similar in appearance to a 5-pointed star, or a rose. As the brightest celestial body in the sky, second only to the Sun and the Moon, Venus has been revered for her journey of rebirth from an Evening Star to a Morning Star since ancient times. 

This journey of rebirth takes place during Venus’ retrograde cycle which lasts for approximately 40 days, a number that is also spiritually significant in many wisdom traditions around the world. To further explore and honor this retrograde cycle, I am offering a Venus Retrograde Immersion with the Venus Rising Temple.  To learn more, visit

What does retrograde mean?

Technically speaking, the retrograde motion is a period of time in which a planet appears to be moving backward as we see it from the viewpoint of Earth looking up at the stars.  Venus begins to slow down in her orbit around the Sun and eventually stops and turns around appearing to move backwards.  After about 40 days, Venus then begins to move direct again and eventually returns to her normal orbital speed.   

Archetypally speaking, retrogrades are often a period of internalization, turning inward to take stock of where you’ve been, where you are currently, and where you would like to go in the future.  

Venus is the Planet of Pleasure 

Venus is the planet of love, beauty, attraction, and desire, oftentimes associated with relationships, money and feelings of self-worth. As a planet of attraction and pleasure, Venus moves you to gather experiences and things you enjoy, appreciate and value. Venus colors your personal style and appearance, after all, most of us buy clothes we like in order to feel attractive. That’s Venus. 

And this gives us insight into why Venus is often considered a financial planet. Because money is earned so that money can be spent on the things most desired. Venus moves you to taste the sweetness of desserts, to order a nice bottle of wine, to read your favorite novel while sitting at a local coffee shop. She teaches us so much about ambiance and a good vibe. And hopefully, Venus moves you to connect with others who enjoy the same things because pleasure is doubled when shared. 

Venus in Capricorn

During the 2021 retrograde cycle, Venus is moving through the sign of Capricorn.  

Capricorn is a Saturn-ruled sign known for its career ambitions. Venus in Capricorn values hard work and career recognition for material gain, however this is also a Venus that is held back or cautious in relationships. Reliability and discipline are natural gifts that have the potential to lead to “success” over the long term.

As Venus merges with the serious, somewhat stoic vibe of the Capricorn archetype, her invitation to share might be a little more cautious or withheld, as if to pause and consider the practical sensibility of each endeavor…. “Is this worth the time and effort? What is the return on investment?” But not everything is about the bottom line. Sharing the things you love and enjoy with others, whatever they may be, is always worth the time..a message that the hardworking, all business Capricorn archetype may sometimes need as a reminder. ⁣

However, there is a down-to -earth realism with this combination that is very ambitious, responsible, and productive.  The Capricorn capacity to build in combination with Venus’ ability to create makes the potential for manifestation very high.  This is a friend, relationship, or project that values being responsible and getting the job done on time.

Venus Retrograde at 26-Capricorn Conjunct Pluto

Venus will retrograde in conjunction with Pluto which will invite a review of power dynamics and can take on a bit of an obsessive quality.  This particular cycle is potent for exploring the shadow side of power in relationships.

Pluto is also a planet known for rebirth, and it can be very common with a Venus/Pluto combination for relationships to experience a kind of death, or a collapse. Perhaps a version of a relationship is no longer sustainable due to an imbalance of power. With Saturn overseeing this Pluto-Venus conjunction (due to the Capricorn placement) it could be that a very honest appraisal of time, responsibilities and income comes front and center. A review of your career path could be a theme, especially if you’re experiencing time limitations or a burden of responsibilities which are unduly demanding. 

Whatever the case maybe, the Venus Rx-Pluto comes in like a wrecking ball (cue Miley Cyrus) to dismantle power imbalances in money and relationships in order to rebuild it in a way that works better for you. This is a very powerful cycle, ripe with potential for real transformation…not just change.  Transformation. 

Venus Is All Around You

If you really take the time to look, Venus is all around you, found in the food you eat, the clothes you wear, the way you’ve decorated your home.  There really is no separation. The connection is very real and constant, however, it may take choosing to look.  This is a theme I return to again and again, and something that will be explored in depth during the upcoming Venus Retrograde Immersion.  With my business partners Miriam and Grace, we have curated a program that reveals your ever-present connection to Venus through simple pleasures and self-love.  To learn more about me as an astrologer, Reiki Master and life coach, please visit my website at

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