Venus Retrograde Message On This Last Day of the Year 2021


We bring you the empowerment to see that already there is value. It is natural for creative energy to become excited by new possibilities, new ideas and new forms. It is also possible however for creative energy to become engaged in liberating the undiscovered value within that which already exists, polishing it until it shines with divine light. Sometimes there is a need to shed the past and all associated with it completely, starting afresh.  However, at other times, there is something of value form the past that can, if allowed to bask in the light of your creativity, become very valuable for your future.  In your enthusiasm to move forward in life, don’t forget to take the value that already exists in your world along with you. 

– Alana Fairchild, Crystal Mandala Oracle

As we move through the Venus Retrograde Cycle and stand here on the last day of the year, I just love this message from Alana Fairchild’s Crystal Mandala Oracle.  As I was training with Alana in the Saraswati Healing Modality, I pulled this card again and again when running the healing templates for myself, and in all honesty, I feel that it is the Goddess Matangi that guided me to begin the Venus Rising Temple and the Venus Retrograde Immersion program that I am currently leading.  She kept whispering to me to review what I have already accomplished, what I have already achieved, and to see the value in it. 

And so I did.  I went back through my work over the past year, and I have to say that I’ve really enjoyed the review process.  I would sometimes stumble upon something I wrote or return to a previous presentation or podcast that I created, and I was surprised again and again by the value I found there.  I would think, “Wow…I wrote that.  That’s pretty good!”  I guess it is hard for me to see my own talent because I’m always pushing to create the next thing or accomplish the next task.  And it sounds weird to acknowledge myself out loud because I’m afraid people will say my ego is so big.  However, taking the time to really pause and turn around to review and appreciate what I’ve created and to see my own worth has been the greatest gift of this retrograde.  The message of Matangi that there is already value also speaks to the Capricorn energy of this Venus retrograde, which may exhibit such ambition that the celebration of small successes gets lost in the drive for more and greater accomplishment.

  • Take time to look back over what you’ve created in 2021.  See your growth. See your talent. 
  • How can you re-purpose, re-package, or re-invent what you’ve already done in order to bring it forward into the next part of the Venus cycle once the retrograde has finished? 
  • Take time to review your relationships and the people with whom you have shared this past year.  Write a list of names.  See the love there. Appreciate yourself and the heart of the other, even if the relationship ended or there was loss involved. 
  • What have you learned in the realm of relationships that can make you a better friend, partner, or lover in the coming year? What do you need to leave behind?

Retrogrades provide a lot of opportunity for honest appraisal so that the coming cycle can be entered more consciously.  Return to yourself. See your value.  Appreciate your beauty.  Let your heart steep in the goodness of life.  It is there if you look, and it is beautiful medicine for the soul.

My name is Ally Ayala and I am a Holy Fire® III and Karuna® Reiki Master Teacher who specializes in Astrology Consultations and Oracle Card Readings. I also offer services as a life coach who specializes in practical spirituality and intuition development. I look for ways to normalize astrology so that it becomes part of our daily lives, our moment to moment awareness.  There are simple, practical examples of how the energy of the universe shows up in the little things, in the small moments that can feel oh so big. I offer specialized StarSong® Reiki packages which combine astrological insights with distance reiki sessions, inviting ever deepening relationships into the planetary frequencies available to us.

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