Sun Conjunct Saturn in Aquarius

The rings of Saturn.
I love this image because there is so much movement inside of the rings themselves.
Saturn is not a stuck energy…there is a lot of dynamism here.

Sun conjunct Saturn

As I was sitting this morning contemplating the Sun-Saturn conjunction today, I could not help but think of Nathan Chen’s phenomenal performance in figure skating yesterday at the Winter Olympics. There are so many beautiful Saturnian images in watching him perform- the circles he carves around the cold icy surface; the way he turns in the air with such precision and grace; the crisp clean lines of his extended arms and legs contained in forms and structure; the mastery that can only come from a lifetime of hard work and practice.

In Nathan’s last gesture of the performance, his hands raise in front of him and there is so much power and emotion inside of the gesture, and yet it feels so contained at the same time. If you have a chance, you might consider taking in his performance.  In all honesty, watching the replay brought me to tears.

I wonder how many times he practiced that performance?

How much time and discipline is required to reach this level?

Isn’t it remarkable that all those moments led him to this one?

Think about this…and you’ll get a sense of how the Sun combines with Saturn in a healthy way.  The Sun speaks to the lifelong journey he has taken to reach this pinnacle moment, and Saturn speaks to the discipline, perseverance, and commitment necessary for this level of mastery.  Nathan’s performance is such a beautiful example of the blessings that can come from this planetary pairing. After all, Saturn is a planet of consequence…. and it does acknowledge those who stay committed to their path regardless of the trials, tribulations and sacrifices endured along the way.

Even the announcers were using so many Sun-Saturn keywords.  They described his performance as “so stable, so consistent, so secure”, saying he was “calm and confident…able to overcome criticism and fear, a master of his own Mind” (and remember both the Sun and Saturn are in Aquarius, an Air sign ruling over the mental realm).  They spoke of his failures in the past and how much of his journey was overshadowed by criticism and doubt.  I find it SO INSPIRING that there was an incredible amount of pressure going into this performance and he stood inside of that pressure and was absolutely shining.  That sounds like the Sun and Saturn to me!

Mars in Capricorn sextile Jupiter in Pisces

This is an extremely supportive aspect happening along with the Sun-Saturn conjunction.  Mars is exalted in the sign of Capricorn and Jupiter is in rulership in Pisces, and so both planets are flowing at full capacity.  The sextile aspect is also one of the most supportive aspects that can happen between two planets, often leading to a sense of harmony and flow between them.  With this combination, Jupiter in Pisces fills you with a sense of inspiration to follow your dreams whereas Mars in Capricorn takes action to manifest them into form.

As I sit with the energies of this day, feeling the inspiration that the figure skating stirred within me, the questions arise:

What are you so committed to that you’ll spend a lifetime mastering it?

What are you doing today to build your dreams over the long term? 

What are you currently reaping?

What choices did you make along the way to bring you to your current circumstance?

How does discipline and commitment to a path play a factor?

What have you learned? What do you want to continue to sow with the hopes of reaping further benefits over time?

What have you already done that has withstood the test of time? And what does the journey look like from here?

Describe the motivation that comes with inspiration. How does it move your body? What emotions arise in your heart? What thoughts are there?

Feel the motivation. Let it move you.

Your goals may be very far off or very near. Regardless, all the little moments along the way make a big difference.  Because after all, the little moments are your Life and Life is precious.

So…don’t delay what you can begin now.

Get to it.

One thought on “Sun Conjunct Saturn in Aquarius

  1. Beautiful deep and soulful. Thanks so much with my Mars Saturn Moon conjunction it speaks deeply to me and I’m pleased my Chiron in Pisces is finally getting that support and flow from Jupiter and Mars. I needed that reminder.


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