Full Moon at 27-Leo Squaring the Lunar Nodes

This Full Moon in Leo feels pretty “eclipsey” to me. There is a feeling of things ending and beginning allowing for surprising fresh starts and exciting growth. It is entirely possible that some of the things falling away may be long term commitments to which you hold some loyalty, and so the turn of events may be shocking in some way. However, the opportunities arising are too good to ignore. Stimulating changes are popping up out of nowhere thanks to the Jupiter sextile Uranus aspect, and this Full Moon at 27 degrees of Leo brings a culminating energy that feels a bit like a deep breath followed by a sigh of relief. I know I’m experiencing that in my own life and I’m witnessing it in my clients too.

This Leo Full Moon also feels like a turning point that is setting the stage for further developments to come this Spring with the April 30 and May 15 eclipses. The April 30 New Moon Solar Eclipse in the sign of Taurus has several really exciting qualities to it. This feels like an awakening of sorts, ripe with new beginnings and fresh starts that receive the boost and benevolence of the Jupiter-Venus conjunction in Pisces.   This indicates a time of growth and inspired vision to follow your dreams and desires. There could be growth in money and relationships at that time depending on where this is landing in your chart.

However, this is followed two weeks later by a Full Moon Total Lunar Eclipse in the sign of Scorpio on May 15 that is receiving a hard square aspect from Saturn in Aquarius, creating tension, possibly delaying progress or bringing a melancholic vibe. The Scorpio Full Moon in May feels intimately tied to this current Leo Full Moon in some way yet to be seen. It’s quite possible that a big dream hits a hard stop. When we find ourselves standing on turning points like this one, moments in time touch other moments in time. The power of choice is your pivot point. You may not be able to change circumstance, but you always have the internal power to change your response to the circumstance.

You may also want to look back to November 19 2021 for a retrospective glance at the energies initiated at that time for more information about what is entering or leaving your life. The November 19 eclipse was a Full Moon eclipse that took place at 27-degrees of Taurus and Scorpio (take note of the repeating theme of 27-degrees), the first in a series of eclipses that will create dynamic change in the Taurus-Scorpio houses of your chart over the next 18 months.

Because all of this activity is taking place in Fixed signs (Aquarius, Taurus, Leo, and Scorpio), if you have planets in these signs in your chart, you may be feeling these energies more than usual. For some time now, as a Scorpio Sun myself and raising a teenage daughter with a very strong Fixed signature in her chart, I’ve noticed that every time the Moon moves through the Fixed signs, there is more drama and emotional material surfacing for both of us to work through. It isn’t easy…at all, but it does help me to know that there is a greater rhythm to the pattern I’m witnessing. As a mom, having the astrological information to understand what my daughter is going through helps me to ride the waves with less reaction and more intention. It provides me with a lens through which to look at the experience, as well as a sense of timing as to when and how long this will last. I find astrology to be my most honest, reliable guide. If you don’t know where the Fixed signs reside in your chart, or you (or a loved one) are feeling these energies very intensely and want more information, feel free to contact me for a birth chart consultation.

In the meantime, be well. Enjoy life. Afterall, life is precious.



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