The Lotus Blossoms- The Venus-Jupiter Conjunction of 2022

I have worked with the lotus flower as an image of the primordial goddess energy for about six months, and it’s been a subtle transmission of wisdom- gentle in its unfolding, graceful in its ascent towards the light of full expression-much like the flower itself. When I think of how the winter of 2022 literally challenged me to my core, and at times brought me to my knees, only to now be guided into the energies of this last week in April, I cannot help but feel the lotus flower within me. After months in the muck, I feel her blossoming now in my heart of hearts.

Venus Conjunct Jupiter in Pisces-Hope, Healing, Beauty, Joy and Faith Shared with Others

I had the genuine pleasure to go to a concert yesterday with many familiar faces filled with love and recognition built upon years of shared community. I gathered with people I haven’t seen in months, which stretched into years, because of the pandemic- people I’ve missed. We shared hugs, smiles, and the joy of music and dancing together. As I arrived and approached friend after friend asking, “how have you been?”, many of the answers were the same, “I’m okay and I’m not okay at the same time.” I found myself nodding in reply saying, “I know. Me too.” When someone would ask me how I’ve been, I often replied with, “It’s been a bit of a mixed bag, but the one thing I know for sure is that I’ve really missed being with people in community….not on zoom, actually in person, ya know?” And they would nod, and reply, “I know. Me too.”

There were many times throughout the concert, where the entire room worked its way into a fervor of dancing, people yipping with delight, clapping and stomping their feet. The joy was so palpable, and for many, at least myself, it was such a release of pent up longing to connect in this way. It became very clear to me in those moments of exaltation, that I would not have the same appreciation for this experience if it had it not been for the hardships I’ve lived through these past two years. “No mud. No lotus.” I kept hearing the words ring through my mind as I danced, smiling and happy. It felt as if this was a shared sentiment that flowed through the group, expressed as delight on the faces of those dancing around me. There was such a pure healing that moved through my soul for which I am deeply grateful, and I felt my heart softening, filled with love and sweet surrender.

Moon Enters Pisces- April 25, 2022

The Moon has entered Pisces today, and during her stay in this gentle compassionate sign, she will make contact with Mars, Venus, Neptune and Jupiter. The opportunity to bond with others in a tender, perhaps artistic, poetic, or spiritual way, that brings deep healing, hope and faith to the heart and soul is very strong at this time. Be careful not to overindulge in your cravings and fantasies so much that your sense of self is lost along the way. Or maybe that is a good thing? I’ll leave that up to you to decide.

Party in PiscesApril 27, 2022

April 27 is a super charged Pisces day which offers the following planetary aspects:

  • Moon conjunct Venus at 23-Pisces– This is a very sweet, compassionate, nurturing energy that creates the opportunity for bonding in a harmonious way over shared values. (12:50am EST)
  • Mercury at 27-Taurus sextile Jupiter at 27-Pisces– Positive communications that promote wisdom, conversations full of hope, uplifting messages that support growth and learning. (1:03am EST)
  • Moon conjunct Neptune at 24-Pisces– Idealism and immeasurable compassion rule the heart. There may be a heartfelt longing for safe, nurturing bonds. Emotional boundaries dissolve and psychic visions inspire. A great time to do dream work and record any messages that come. (2:02am EST)
  • Moon conjunct Jupiter at 27Pisces Hope, faith and the search for meaning provide emotional sustenance. Inspired feelings flow from generosity of spirit and faith in the unity of life. (7:07am EST)
  • Venus conjunct Neptune at 24-Pisces Compassion, forgiveness. Craving connection with others that is boundless, ideal or transcendent in some way. Going beyond what is known or real into a place of possibility. Be careful not to lose yourself in the desire to connect with others. Make space for merging with the arts, music, beauty, meditation, and healing. (3:13pm EST)

New Moon Solar Eclipse- April 30, 2022

April 30 is my favorite day of 2022! I am SO excited for this eclipse! This is definitely the lotus, not the mud. This new moon solar eclipse takes place with a conjunction to Uranus, and it is happening at the same time that Venus meets up with Jupiter in the sign of Pisces. This feels to me like a really powerful eclipse for welcoming new beginnings and stimulating, innovative changes that bring healing, forgiveness, hope, and maybe best of all, a chance to be social with people you really enjoy, doing things you really love. Because this New Moon is conjunct Uranus, you can expect some disruption to your everyday routines or rhythms, which is normal for eclipses anyway. Uranus is a planet that shakes things up in order to awaken new energy, creating breakthroughs in awareness which can feel stimulating and exciting, however, it can also create a bit of upheaval or chaos as you find your footing and move into a new way of being. The really great news is that this is happening at the same time that Venus and Jupiter are meeting in the zodiac, and so, it feels as if blessings are flowing toward and protecting this eclipse.

This Eclipse is Ruled by Venus in Pisces Conjunct Jupiter

Venus is very well placed in the sign of Pisces, the sign of Venus’ exaltation. At the same time that Venus is in exaltation, it is also conjunct Jupiter, planet of optimism, growth, expansion and higher meaning. And oftentimes, Luck! There is also the added benefit that the Moon herself is exalted in the sign of Taurus. So…technically speaking, this is an eclipse for the record books, in my humble opinion. The opportunities for healing, hope in new beginnings is strong. The chance to relinquish the past and move forward towards artistic and spiritual pursuits grounded in earthly delights and sensual pleasures is potent, palpable and waiting for your presence and attention. Throw off the shackles of the past two years and do what you love. Enjoy!

Really…I mean it. Move towards pleasure felt through the body. Move towards your senses. Receive beauty that inspires hope and faith in the greater good, and allow these simple pleasures to heal you. This need not cost you a lot of money…it can be a simple walk in nature connecting to the beauty of the season, feeling inspired by the buzz of a honey bee or the unfolding of a cherry blossom. It can be time spent listening to music with cherished friendships, or trying that painting class you’ve always wanted to try. I am taking a sailing class on this day…something I have always wanted to try, and never taken the time. Take the time! Try something new that you’ve never done before and always wanted to do.

Life is beautiful. Follow your heart and trust the guidance that comes to you, especially if it feels divinely timed and synchronistic, because it is. You are loved beyond your ability to comprehend. Allow yourself to receive. You are worthy. You are divine. You have had your time in the mud…now it’s time to allow yourself to blossom.

Blessings- Ally

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